Visiting Normandy Beaches

Visiting D-Day beaches

visiting-normandy-beachesYou want to go in Normandy and to visit landing beaches, to immerse you, the time of a stay, into the memory of this country ? You already have a small idea of the visits which you would want to make, but you would get a confirmation ? No panic, our website is also made for it. Small precision, on this page, we are going to indicate you the major visits according to your kind of stay. We remind you that we propose you two tourist guides with all the practical informations to organize stay and tours (kinds of tours, panorama of hotels with address, phone number and characteristics, museums, batteries, etc). To go further, we invite you to consult also the page “tour” of the site.

Let us see two concrete cases :

  • The first one, that of a person or a couple who come in curious visitors.
  • The second, that of one / of several enthusiast(s) of history.

A flying visit of beaches through a prolonged weekend

american-cemetery-of-collevilleLet us admit that you have the possibility of coming in Normandy the time of a prolonged weekend, during which you can spend two full days on the spot. It thus leaves you time enough for some major visits which already immerse you in the events of June 6th, 1944. The military cemetery of Colleville and the Pointe du Hoc, which splits the American landing beaches between Utah and Omaha, seems two imperative visits. In the area, you can also go to the German military cemetery of La Cambe.

On the second day, you can go to Arromanches, on Gold beach, where still today, vestiges of the artificial bridge Port Winston can be seen. You will enjoy a film session in the circular cinema, and also the museum, and numerous tanks and other pieces of ordonance stored in the city.

A Norman stay overloaded with visits for one passionately interested in history

visiting-d-day-beachesSecond scenario, you are fascinated by all which affects closely the history, and as many historians, more still by all which affects the Second World War ? Besides the beaches, you’ll have many, many things to see, and numerous visits to make. Especially that in such a scenario, we do not tend to make the visits in double-quick time, but on the contrary, to enjoy everything: vehicle, video, photography, text, etc. If it is not possible to make everything in one week, or even in two (it already exists 28 museums dedicated to landing beaches in Normandy), a well filled week or another about ten days will already allow a wide cover.

Let us admit this time, that  you can spend five whole days on-the-spot. We shall take back already as before the two days evoked above during  a shorter stay.

sainte-mere-egliseIn these, it will be necessary, to add a whole day for the Memorial of Caen. This one, even if it is a little more expensive that the other museums, has a power of exhaustiveness and in the end a lower cost. By going to the Memorial of Caen, the biggest museum dedicated to D Day, it will stay no more than two or three museums, to have seen everything or almost about vehicles, texts, photos and videos.

On the other two days, we suggest you to visit two other main museums of landing beaches and cities or symbolic places which adjoin them: The city of Sainte-Mère-Eglise and its Airborne museum (zone of American parachuting), The bridge and the museum of Pegasus Bridge (zone of English parachuting) as well as the Gondrée house (first freed house of the D-Day).

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