Tours Normandy Beaches

tours-normandy-beachesTo organize your stay and imagine the best tour of normandy beaches, you have to choose well your falling point, to shorten the time of movement between your rent (hotel, bed and breakfast, rent of holiday cottage, etc.) and the sites, and optimize your time for the visits. In any case, and even before giving you some advice, we remind you that you can plan your entire stay with our tourist guides available on this page.

That you get them yourselves or not, we invite you to:

  • choose a more or less central position, to be directly on site or almost, for all which is situated in the middle of the zone of landing, and to be at the same time halfway to the extremities of the zone.
  • or to choose, in case you would want to visit only a very precise part of the zone, the American beaches or the British-Canadian beaches for example, an accommodation close to these zones.

tour-dday-beachesLet us be going to work of the principle that you want to make a tour which, without being exhaustive, being the least restrictive possible and offering the maximum of opportunities. We shall also work of the principle which you spend here at least five whole days, even if a tour of d day beaches on a weekend is possible by being more restrictive in the visits.

Very numerous tours are possible, also we will only evoke in main lines two kinds of tours:

That established since a fixed point, since which you can make easily all your routes.

That itinerant where you move along the various landing beaches.

For the most complete possible circuit, we shall work of the principle that you will go at least on four beaches, even five, and that you will also visit two main places representative of the airborne operations (Pegasus bridge and Sainte-Mère-Église).

A tour since a fixed point from Courseulles or from Arromanches

tour-starts-from-arromanchesAs you can notice it on the map of landing beaches, cities of Courseulles or Arromanches offers an ideal localization. Their central position allows to enjoy museums and visits in the neighbouring. They are also ideal to make your tour. Besides their geographical position, they are adapted for all kinds of stay. From the shortest to the longest, and proposing all the comfort levels: you will indeed find numerous hotels and houses of hosts, but also numerous opportunities of rent of holiday cottages.

For the tour of Normandy beaches then, we suggest you beginning with an extremity of the zone of the landing, going then to the Memorial of Caen, going at the other end, and finishing finally the stay by what is the closest. So by proceeding, you will make the most tiring distances during the beginning of your trip in Normandy and can end with less long routes to finish in a a little more restful way.

A mobile escapade with daily outings

The second scenario, the itinerant route where you move along the beaches of Normandy.

tour-including-memorialThe way of making it will be a little different. We advise you here to leave from an extremity of the zone of landing, then to go back little by little.

Even there, we advise you to begin with the most distant extremity from your place of residence, to end with the closest, the way of return of the holidays being often longer, even with equal distances.

To proceed so, you will have first to find your accommodation near the beaches of Utah beach or Omaha Beach to end with Sword, or the opposite. Halfway, you can stop over on one of the beaches of Gold or Juno, in one of the two cities previously quoted which, as we said it, lend themselves to it perfectly, or in a village in the neighborood.

From an organizational point of view, that you opt for the one or the other choice, you can either make it by your own way, or by travel agencies, which propose ready made tours.

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