Pegasus Bridge

pegasus-bridgePegasus Bridge is another decisive place in the Overlord operation. As for its counterpart on the other side, which is Sainte-Mère-Église, Pegasus Bridge is a strategic place for dropping of parachutists to cut the German connections and clear the ground while waiting for the arrival of the troops since landing beaches. Today, there is a perfect replica of the Pegasus Bridge of this time (which is stored in the museum there, to see below) and numerous symbols of the D-Day.

The Gondrée house, a symbol

gondree-houseThe soldiers of the British army (6th British airborne division) were parachuted at night from 5 till 6 June 1944 above the bridge and its neighborhood. Pégasus Bridge, it is also the Gondrée house, when we arrive in the city, the first french house freed from the German occupation during the Second World War. Today still, it’s always a café. The Gondrée house adjoins the bridge, which lifts up itself when boats are crossing, faithful reproduction of the bridge such as it was in 1944.

The former Pegasus bridge

old-pegasus-bridgeAs we said it higher, the Pegasus Bridge of origin is for its part stored in the museum. You will find it some meters having crossed the bridge and it will propose you, as many museums dedicated to the landing beaches, numerous objects, weapons, letters, suits, and, still more impressive, inside as outside, numerous tanks and machines of the D-Day.

The Pegasus Bridge museum

pegasus-bridge-museeumThe museum of Pegasus will also learn you for example how the Allies had set up a system of bridge to be quickly built, named Bailey bridge (from of the name of its creator, the British engineer Bailey). Arousing a lot of interest from the visitors, a Horsa glider, in which you’ll can see a part of the cockpit and weigh up the place of each of the soldiers who had to seat in.

A pitiful affair sets even today Françoise Gondrée, the daughter of Georges and Thérèse, and its association, the ASPEG, to the French Committee of the Landing, since the transfer of collections in the new museum, the first ones accusing the second of despoilment. If the French justice, until now, did not agree with the applicants (the case has been submitted to the Cassation court), let us note that this ones seem to get the indestructible support of the first donors, in particular all the British personalities of the 6th airborne division.

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