Hotels near D Day beaches

You are in search of an hotel close to landing beaches in Normandy ? That’s lucky, we are going to help you !

Where to stay?

With this category, you will notice that you will have no problem to find an accommodation near landing beaches. You will realize that, for the various presented cities, you’ll can choose among the accommodations described below: hotels, rents of holiday cottages, guest houses or campsites. You will find the main cities able to welcome you and whichknew how to develop all the parts of the business necessary for the tourism: restaurants, pubs, souvenir shops, etc.

Find an hotel to visit landing beaches

There’s a very important choice throughout the Norman coast. From the luxurious hotel in full board or half board in the cheapest hotel, there is for all the tastes.

And to make a tour of landing beaches in Normandy, numerous hotels took up residence in towns which present an ideal localization for a historic stay.

hotel-normandy-beachesIt will be essentially these cities which will be presented to you, and you will so see that if they are perfectly equipped for the reception of the tourists, you can make your choice on the sector of the beaches which you wish to visit first and foremost. For example, if you choose firstly the Canadian beach of Juno, a charming town as Courseulles-sur-Mer will be ideal. If you choose rather the English beach of Gold, a seaside resort as Arromanches-les-bains will doubtless retain all your attention, and so on, according to your priorities.

A rent at landing beaches in Normandy

rent-holiday-normandy-beachesOther alternative, which seems more and more fashionable, the rent of a holiday cottage. This way allows you to benefit from a mode of accommodation with any comfort at a lower cost. The option of the holiday cottage is often favored for the a little longer stays in time. Alternative which is similar to the rent of holiday cottage and which can also interest you: the bed and breakfast. Many are available in thearea, do not hesitate to inquire with the tourist offices of the cities where you will stay.

Campsites at landing beaches

Last accommodation way that tou can choose: the campsites. Once more, the Norman coast will offer you a wide choice. Certainly, the comfort will be lesser than in a hotel room or in a holiday cottage, but the price will be much lesser too. You should be able to find in this area spaces in campsite near 100 € the week.

Often some documentation

The main motivations of the people going in the area being to visit the beaches of June 6th, 1944, that you opt for an hotel or a holiday cottage or a bed and breakfast, you will find quasi-systematically leaflets presenting you the most common excursions. You can so easily organize your stay and discover possible visits of other beaches of Normandy that you would not have planned in your initial program.

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