Normandy beaches, the 6th of june in 1944, France, by her normand’s cost, is the theater of a decisive chapter in her history, decisive in the outcome of the second World War, decisive in world’s history.

iron-mike-225x300France, and over this country, the entire world has known and continue to know too many wars. From all of them, the D-Day on the Normandy Beaches is the most important armed troops deployment on a single military operation. Hope that it was the last and the least.

The Neptune operation, which represents the arrival of armed troops and dropping of the parachutist unities is the first step of the Overlord operation that aimed to bring freedom in Normandy.

It was on the Utah Beach, Omaha Beach, Gold Beach, Juno Beach and Sword Beach that the allied troops came to liberate Normandy beaches with among of the arrival of troops by the sea, the landing of airborne troops, 82th and 101th American Airborne division at the west side, and 6th Britanny Airborne at the east side.

colleville-cemeteryThe fights on the Normandy beaches were numerous and particularly rough and brutal and continue to bring numerous visitors. Visitors which are respectful of the places, respectful of the sites, respectful of the history.

And to talk about history, this one would take a big place on this website as you can see. Moreover the beaches themselves, other sites like historical township will be mentioned because they were strategic places in all the military operations of the 6th of june 1944.

All these operations made on and near the Normandy beaches formed what we call D-Day nowadays (or in french le Jour J) the day when the history of the world knew a tournant in the final issue.

german-defenses-arromanchesThis website will show you the details of the events following the military cutting and sometimes more precisely town by town.

To measure up the impact of the second World War on the local tourism, and the emotion allways here, you’ve just had to see the 28 museums dedicated to the D-Day.

As you can easily imagine, the D-Day represent a great part of the local tourism but you could found seaside tourism to complete the holidaymakers group. This second was easily justify by the fact that majority of the D-Day beaches don’t have fighting stigmas.

So, this website will try to present you, in addition to historical aspects, the tourism issues. In this way, this website should allow you program the most important part of your holiday near the normandy beaches.

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